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Family Values Drive Sales Success

HJ Weir suppliers Camozzi Pneumatics presented them with this award for Strength in Partnership because of outstanding sales in 2017.

Here’s a photo of Ross Scott, Southern Key Account Manager of Camozzi, giving the award to HJ Weir Chairman Rob Weir and Managing Director of HJ Weir Ross Weir.

Camozzi_Awards_HJWeir_accelerated_ for_sales_success

(Photo Reference Left to right Rob Weir, Ross Weir HJ Weir, and Ross Scott Camozzi)

Ross Scott from Camozzi said; “This award is to recognize HJ Weir’s achievement in sales and growth over the last twelve months. Both HJ Weir and Camozzi are family run businesses and as such, I’ve found that we both share the same ethos when it comes to family orientated business values and integrity. Another similarity is that both companies provide quality products backed up by an exceptional service. It’s a pleasure working with HJ Weir as a supply partner and there is a great unity and coaction between the two companies.”

What do you feel Ross Scott is the success of this supply partnership with Camozzi and H Weir and what’s the secret to its longevity?

“It’s about listening & understanding the customer’s individual requirements, and ultimately delivering to those expectations. It might sound simple, but it is a partnership.”


Air that moves the world

The Automation Division of Camozzi produces pneumatic components and solutions for many industries. The complete range includes cylinders, valves, FRLs, fittings, vacuum components, control cabinets, and systems. The main production facilities are based in Italy with supporting plants in Russia, China, Ukraine, USA, and India.

Each Camozzi facility employs only the most modern technologies along with a structured and efficient organization based on the principles of Lean Production. Our global network of branches and distributors and the local presence they provide gives confidence to a wide range of customers, from well known major users to larger OEM’s.


Folding the top tables : HJ Weir Foldmaker 64 and Dash Linen

When Ash Raza owner of Dash Linen was looking to buy a new small piece folder for his thriving laundry business he knew exactly where to turn HJ Weir.

H J Weir supplied and installed a 4 metre Foldmaker 64 exactly to Dash Linens specification.

Ash Raza owner of Dash Linen said: “ I was especially impressed that Ross Weir came personally to visit the laundry and was able to take the order and deliver the machine in a very short space of time. This was critical for us and I really needed the machine in for the busy Christmas period. As always H J Weir delivered on time and the machine is working perfectly.”

Ross Weir Managing Director of HJ Weir said: “ Dash Linen are great customers of ours they understand quality in the work that they do and who they work with. We pulled out all the stops to deliver and install the Foldmaker 64 as per his request. The Foldmaker 64 is predominately used for folding small pieces such as table linen, napkins and pillowcases utilising high quality breaking conveyors. The patented HJ Weir folding method will accurately fold articles or varying weight and sizes with outstanding precision ”

This is another successful install and business relationship for H J Weir a family business based on high integrity and high quality. HJ Weir celebrates its 57th birthday this year, a third generation business of British manufacturing.

About the Foldmaker 64

The FOLDMAKER 64 is a highly versatile primary only folder used for most table linen, towels or where high production of multi-lane small piece folding is required. Available in a standard width of 3.0m (alternative widths are available) and range of lane and width combinations. The patented H J Weir silent flow through system with rapid controllable braking conveyors will accurately fold articles of varying size and weight with outstanding precision. Auto-variable Speed Control is included as standard to enable the folder to accurately follow variations in ironer speed. The unbroken conveying process also ensures that all pieces whether folded or not, will be conveyed to the delivery table located at the rear of the machine.

Two lateral folds, a thirding fold, or bypass are available in each lane. All of which may be individually selected, allowing each lane to perform different operations simultaneously.

Self-Cleaning of photosensors to maintain correct operation of those that may be affected by lint deposits.

Evolution MMXV1 Control:
PLC electronics with easy to use Touch Screen Interface, 32.000 colour, High Illumination, Liquid Crystal Display; 99 available programs and simple selection procedure for machine operators.

Remote Machine Monitoring (RMM) facility is included to provide remote access for systems diagnostics and maintenance assistance.

Amongst other options available an Automatic Collector Unit in 3 to 6 Lanes can be specified for the collection of unfolded small pieces, while an inbuilt Stac-A-Pack 12 in 3 to 6 lanes can be added to provide an in-line stacking facility for small items such as napkins and pillowcases.

Alternatively, a Freestanding Stac-N-Fold 56 Multilane in 2 to 5 lanes can provide an additional cross fold and stacking operation to primary folded or unfolded items up to a maximum width of 1.0m

Video of the Foldmaker 64 in action : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cml6oYDmbKY&feature=youtu.be

About Dash Linen

The founder of Dash Linen was a originally a restaurateur, owning several restaurants around the world, he realised that there was a niche in the market for good table linen and with his experience and understanding launched Dash Linen. It is a family run business that has serviced the catering industry for over 25 years, starting originally in Woking, Surrey it had to relocate to a larger unit in Wimbledon due to its steady growth, the laundry now stretches over 4 purpose built units, with the purchase of a 5th on the horizon. The company still maintains its old fashioned ethics whilst keeping up to date with changes in the industry, the core values remain the same. Offering a top quality, reliable service while at the same time managing to do it at an affordable price. Still at the same London location, the business has grown and now occupies some 12500 square feet. We have continually invested in our plant and are proud to have some of the most up to date and technically advanced Processing, Ironing and Finishing machinery currently available. Servicing over 300 customers on a daily basis our dedicated team of Production Staff, Drivers etc. (many of them with over 15 years service) all contribute to ensure we meet our customers needs on time, every day of the week. Spotting new trends, adapting quickly, investing in energy saving equipment we feel are key factors to ensure our future remains bright and on target.


About HJ Weir


HJ Weir Engineering is a family business born in the 1960’s, they are “the originators of flatwork handling technology”. Almost any automated laundry in the world will be using Weir technology somewhere in their plant. The Weir brand is seen as a stamp of approval and excellence globally. Quality lasts and HJ Weir have been providing separating, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking solutions globally for over 55 years.

Through cutting edge innovation the product range and technology is continually developing. This year HJ Weir have added an exclusive range of exceptional flatwork ironers and batch washers.


Many years of experience, coupled with innovative design and one of the most advanced yet simple control systems, makes HJ Weir the smart choice. HJ Weir the originators and experts in flatwork handling technology, are proud to be able to offer you the complete range.

Whether you are looking at sustaining quality whilst increasing productivity and efficiency. Or if you are about to grow your business to the next level, we can help you!



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