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Family Values Drive Sales Success

HJ Weir suppliers Camozzi Pneumatics presented them with this award for Strength in Partnership because of outstanding sales in 2017.

Here’s a photo of Ross Scott, Southern Key Account Manager of Camozzi, giving the award to HJ Weir Chairman Rob Weir and Managing Director of HJ Weir Ross Weir.

Camozzi_Awards_HJWeir_accelerated_ for_sales_success

(Photo Reference Left to right Rob Weir, Ross Weir HJ Weir, and Ross Scott Camozzi)

Ross Scott from Camozzi said; “This award is to recognize HJ Weir’s achievement in sales and growth over the last twelve months. Both HJ Weir and Camozzi are family run businesses and as such, I’ve found that we both share the same ethos when it comes to family orientated business values and integrity. Another similarity is that both companies provide quality products backed up by an exceptional service. It’s a pleasure working with HJ Weir as a supply partner and there is a great unity and coaction between the two companies.”

What do you feel Ross Scott is the success of this supply partnership with Camozzi and H Weir and what’s the secret to its longevity?

“It’s about listening & understanding the customer’s individual requirements, and ultimately delivering to those expectations. It might sound simple, but it is a partnership.”


Air that moves the world

The Automation Division of Camozzi produces pneumatic components and solutions for many industries. The complete range includes cylinders, valves, FRLs, fittings, vacuum components, control cabinets, and systems. The main production facilities are based in Italy with supporting plants in Russia, China, Ukraine, USA, and India.

Each Camozzi facility employs only the most modern technologies along with a structured and efficient organization based on the principles of Lean Production. Our global network of branches and distributors and the local presence they provide gives confidence to a wide range of customers, from well known major users to larger OEM’s.


A Pristine Partnership

HJ Weir Engineering Co Ltd announces the launch of the new batch washers. HJ Weir is now the exclusive authorised partner in the UK and Ireland for Milnor.

At CLEAN show 2017 Ross Weir MD of HJ Weir Engineering and James W. Pellerin CEO of Pellerin Milnor Corporation started the exclusive partnership. The below photo shows the businessmen shaking hands and holding the document of authorisation agreeing that HJ Weir is now sole, exclusive distributor for Milnor products in the UK and Ireland.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Milnor family brand.  There was a real synergy with business ethics and vision for the future. We agreed the UK partnership because we always want to offer our customers the best quality products that last. We didn’t have a batch washer offering and we always wanted to have the full solution under one roof. The team and myself are very confident our partnership with Milnor is an exciting first step in a long business relationship. We already have had requests for Milnor products and we look forward to meeting many more laundries to showcase the full range.” (Ross Weir MD, HJ Weir Engineering)


(Photo description : Mr R Weir with Mr J Pellerin, CEO of Pellerin Milnor Corporation. The document is an authorisation letter agreeing that HJ WEIR is to be sole, exclusive distributor of Milnor products for the UK and Ireland. Taken 5th June 2017 on the opening day of the Clean Show in Las Vegas)

With HJ Weir the originators of flatwork handling technology, joining hands with not one but two family powerhouse brands this year Laco for ironers and now Milnor for washers… the future for HJ Weir is looking very pristine.

About HJ Weir
HJ Weir Engineering is a family business born in the 1960’s they are “the originators of flatwork handling technology”. Almost any automated laundry in the world will be using Weir technology somewhere in their plant. The Weir brand is seen as a stamp of approval and excellence globally.   Quality lasts and HJ Weir have been providing separating, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking solutions globally for over 55 years.  Many years of experience, coupled with innovative design and one of the most advanced yet simple control systems, makes HJ Weir the smart choice.

About Milnor
Pellerin Milnor Corporation is a leading commercial and industrial laundry equipment manufacturer. A family company with over 70 years of expansion and development, specialising in washers since 1949 and revolutionizing tunnel technology in 1979 with their true top transfer batch washer. Milnor’s revolutionary Pulse Flow technology batch washers allow superior standards of soil removal with not only a shorter wash and longer life for your linen. Also by using little water, energy keeping a smaller environmental footprint. Brand new Pure Pulse technology has just been launched at the CLEAN show 2017. This is a revolutionary water recycling and energy recovery solution for textile care applications. All Milnor products are custom made for their customer’s specific needs.

No Need to Stop the Press

HJ Weir Engineering Co Ltd announces the launch of the new, complete Ironer line.

HJ Weir are the exclusive authorised partners in the UK and Ireland for Laco.

HJ Weir are excited to announce the formation of a working partnership with Laco Machinery which enables H J Weir to commit to offering customers a complete “ironer line” combining H J Weir flatwork feeding and folding working with Laco ironers.

The alliance of two reputable family businesses working together to share a network of distributors globally is a welcome feat by many, particularly HJ Weir Managing Director, Ross Weir.

In a statement by Ross Weir, he says that he is “looking forward to the synergy of two family businesses working together to enable us to share a network of distributors globally. The two companies will work together with our collective electronic and mechanical working knowledge to offer customers the complete ‘line control’ and full safety features. HJ Weir will have 3 fully trained Service Engineers that will not only be capable of assisting with Weir manufactured equipment but also that of Laco Machinery Ironers. HJ Weir will carry the full range of spare parts relevant to Laco products.”

The timing is great with the much talked about launch of the New King Ironer. This ironer production has a capacity of 430 kg/hr, a successful patented flexible air-stream chest, working width from 2.5m till 3.5m, very low energy consumption and a 1 roll diameter 800mm with 1.94m ironing length. The new range of ironers by HJ Weir are attracting large demand across the UK from commercial laundries.

Tune In

Want to learn more about the HJ Weir and Laco partnership?

Click below to watch TV presenter Lucinda Rhodes interview Ross Weir (MD of HJ Weir) in the London Eye:

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