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Evolution MMXV1

Evolution MMXV1 is the latest control operating system exclusively developed by HJ Weir in 2015 for general launch to the Global market in 2016. It is one of the most advanced yet simple controllers for Flatwork Finishing Equipment in the world and comes as standard on the following machines;

  • Vacfeed Low Line
  • Foldmaker 35, 55, 64
  • Foldmaker 56 Autograde
  • Foldmaker 94 (Standard and Mono Feed Version)
  • Stac-N-Fold 56 (Freestanding)
  • Stak-A-Pak 12 (Freestanding)



The system gives H J WEIR the ability to make the products more energy efficient, certain functions included are variable speed fans for the Vacfeed Low Line, therefore only drawing the amount of power needed depending on classification of work being processed for example when processing heavy sheets or duvet covers the fans will be pre-set in the program to 100% however when feeding lighter items, they can be set down to 75% power or if hand feeding then the power can be set lower again. Power is set on site and can be changed very quickly through the Touch Screen Controller for each program.


Another feature is our optional sleep mode, meaning that if the machine is inactive for a period of time but left running it will automatically shut down until it is powered up again therefore not wasting energy.

Rapid Clearance

Once the sheet has been laid, the main conveyor will accelerate to clear the sheet as quickly as possible to allow the next sheet to be laid.


The system has six available security codes for the different areas, Program selection, Productivity, Diagnostics, Program settings, Global settings and Machine settings. Various security options are available including the ability to change the security codes and to enable or disable certain security codes.


Additional screen protection added to the Touch Screen Controller;

  • Protects from scratches and impact damage
  • Reduces Warranty Liabilities and Reduces Repair Costs
  • Eliminates revenue loss caused by screen damage
  • Keeps your machine operational and ensures production continuity

Preventative Maintenance ††

A new feature capable of premeditation. It alerts the user to the parts that are approaching their end-of-life, such as the cylinders and solenoid valves, then gives the option to order, direct from the screen on the machine, new parts directly from the HJ Weir Spares department.



Internal Storage

All machines have an internal storage capability, which store parameters such as factory settings, which include number of lanes, folds depending on machine type.

External Storage

Parameters can be stored on a USB memory device for safe keeping or can be transferred to a computer. Register sheets are available that will decode the parameters downloaded from the machine.


Program and global parameters can be transferred to any other H J Weir machine taking the machine type in to consideration.

Factory Defaults

Factory Based Defaults are created on final testing of the machine, therefore if any of the settings have been changed and undesirable machine effects have been witnessed, the machine can be reverted back to factory defaults within the machine settings area.

Safety Features

Safety Guards and Doors

If any of the Safety Guards are lifted a message will be displayed and the machine will be prevented from starting until guards and doors are closed.

Illuminated Emergency Stops

When in normal running mode, the emergency stops will be illuminated showing clear location in event of an emergency. If an emergency stop is pressed, then the illuminated emergency stop will flash to clearly identify which emergency stop has been pressed and a message will also be displayed on the Touch Screen Controller.


I/O Modules

Each of the I/O modules can be accessed via the Touch Screen Controller, which gives the ability to monitor the condition of the input or output modules, inputs can be monitored and outputs can be forced, also overload or short circuits can be easily identified.


Sensors are checked for correct operation. If any sensors are dirty the system will display a warning on the Touch Screen Controller and the Self Cleaning Photocells will send a blast of air to clear any lint build up.


All overloads are monitored so in the event that one should trip out this will be displayed on the Touch Screen Controller.

Air Pressure

If the air pressure drops below the recommended value a warning will be displayed.

Crossfold blockages

If the system has detected a blockage on the crossfolder, an alarm will sound, stop the crossfolder and display a message on the Touch Screen Controller identifying whereabouts the blockage can be located.

Lower Spreader blockages

If the spreader sensors have triggered, the main conveyor will stop once the previous item has cleared and display a message on the Touch Screen Controller giving the ability of reversing the main conveyor if required to clear any mis-fed articles.

Event Log

The machine will store any events on the machine, these will include such things as when the machine is powered up on the isolator and when the machine is running or stopped. All events are dated and time shown.

Fault Log

The machine will store any faults that have occurred whilst the machine has been in operation. These include alarms typically on Crossfolder for Foldmakers or overloads that have tripped. All faults are dated and time shown.


Each machine has a simple productivity feature, for example with multilane folders the productivity can be viewed for each lane and each program giving a very detailed report. It is also possible to view the quantity of rejected items during a period of time. Each program stores its own count and it does not carry from program to program.

Remote Machine Monitoring

Remote Service

When connected to the internet, certain H J Weir machines will be accessible by HJ Weir engineers from their base in Chepstow, and on-road service engineers. This remote accessing capability allows diagnostics and recommended further actions.

Short Message Service (SMS) †††

This ability allows laundry owners, managers, production staff and onsite or offsite engineers to receive a text message in an event of a machine blockage or machine shutdown.


An email containing productivity information can be sent to owners, managers and production staff on an hourly schedule also when SMS not available, machine blockages or machine shutdown, can be sent via e-mail.

Fault and Event logs

Using the HJ Weir Portal a full history of the Fault and Event logs will be stored. This information is accessible, from any device, for a singular machine or for any other machine and even at different locations.


Through the Portal facility, productivity statistics are updated every hour which can provide a basic analysis of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual productivity figures and available for you to download or print for recording.

Software Updates ††††

There is also access for semi-automatic software updates to keep the system up to date with the latest features.



Performance of the rapid clearance will depend on operator performance and machine speed. Only available in certain countries.

†† The option to order direct from the screen on the machine of new parts directly from the HJ Weir Spares department is only available when Remote Machine Monitoring is correctly setup. The order will be in form of a quotation sent to the email address specified within the Touch Screen Controller

††† Short Message Service is currently only available in the UK

†††† Software Updates will require an onsite engineer to compete the update process with a blank USB memory stick.

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